Environmental Sustainability

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Welcome to Our Website Environmental Sustainability is everyone’s concern. This platform by the City of Joburg, aims to communicate the City’s initiatives for sustainable waste minimisation, minimisation of pollution, conservation and enhancement of the water resources, reuse, recycling and recovery, etc. through the City’s strategic interventions. The platform further aims to inform and encourage YOU, the citizens of the City of Joburg, as well as those within South Africa to participate in Environmental Sustainability practices and behaviours that will help us conserve our ailing environment and scarce resources.

Welcome to Our WebsiteAs such, Environmental Sustainability is one of the major priorities within the City of Joburg and is concerned with advancing towards a sustainable, resilient and liveable city for all, with a focus on:
• Reducing consumption of natural resources;
• Reducing carbon emissions;
• Minimising environmental pollution – air, water and waste to land; and
• Protecting the City’s natural environment and related ecosystem goods and services .